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“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” - Sylvia Plath
Here’s a Story :) Happy reading!

Once upon a time, there was a girl (who constantly thought she was a princess) named Sam. She was graced with a lot of friends, but she cannot see all of them all of the time. One of her best friends was a wonderful, hard working girl named Sierra. 

Sierra and Sam went on many crazy adventures including, but not limited to: “over the rainbow” time and seeing the Princess (Sam’s) outrageous dinner bill on a daily basis. Now that it’s summer, they may be apart, but Sam hopes to embark on an adventure to Cedar Point where her friend works and go on every ride (but the very scary Top Thrill Dragster). Even if Sierra is working, Sam will come in (by force, mind you) and “kidnap” Sierra. 

At the end of the summer, they will be reunited once again, and looking forward to more adventures. :) 

(this is me creatively telling you I miss you, if you can’t tell)

— 4 weeks ago
Fate is Cruel

It started with an hour, then turned to a day
He asks when daddy will be home
And I wonder too, watching a day turn to two and two more pass
My eyes burn red, begging for you to kiss my cheek and tell me it’s ok
When are you coming home?
This is still your place
You may feel worthless, but your worth is more than your choices
Please come home soon
Because a castle falls when a queen can’t stand behind her king

— 1 month ago
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hoodies are very important to me

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I’ve always seen you as a child
Using your colorful imagination
Painting the streets with wild creatures
Using miscellaneous objects to be a spy
To travel the world
To be a five-star chef
And even when you started texting
Going out to the movies
You’re still so innocent

Tonight you called me crying
Asking me to help you
Because your innocence is gone
And replaced in a small form
Growing as your innocence decays
I wanted to see you as innocent
I wanted to say it’s only a dream
But your voice met mine
And I can’t fake it anymore

Today I broke down crying
Restless with no sleep
Coffee in hand and tears in my eyes
You’d think it was much worse
But nothing feels worse than feeling like you failed someone
And sweetie, I’m sorry I failed you

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It’s like feeling your heart sink, 
but instead, you feel two heartbeats
and you wonder how you got here
Why weren’t you thinking?
What are they going to say?
Nausea takes over, but not from it
the thing that dwells inside you
like the overwhelming urge to pick your poison
and drink until death is on your lips
It hovers at your side like a dark horse
ready to storm the gates of society
Show the real you
and let people snicker
It’s always amazement
either because you’re not good enough to be in that position
or they expected it all along
and no one is on your side
like you’re the last one picked
the odd one out
and everyone stands on the other side of the line
waiting to let the blows sink into your bones
Little do they know that two hearts are inside of you
two lives to be ruined or made
living in the rundown trailer park on the south side of town, where all those girls live
or living in a two story house, graduating valedictorian
you have so many options
and they all affect you
but that still leaves One.
Remember when that’s all you were?
Party of one.
Flying solo
and all it took was another party to make you two
Not in the way you expected at sixteen
should be two
Two hearts become one
Two wheels on a bike
Two peas in a pod
instead, it gets more literal
You have a pea in the pod that is your body
the soil of your blood bears the seed that is it
that nameless being within you
you always said they were idiots
until you became a party of two within one body
one dwelling
and now you have a choice
At sixteen, no one thinks of murder
or being a parent
maybe your parent is being a bitch
but never being that bitch
now you cry, wondering how to make it back to one being
and it only gets more complicated from here
making One vacate the premises
you feel your heart sink
two beats
and only one question of what to do
with an infinite number of outcomes
oh what to do 
when one becomes two
and judgement day rolls
leaving you alone
with it hovering over your shoulder
and no one can see what brought you there
it’s so hard to beg for mercy
when you stood on their turf, aiming

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It Was Always A Nightmare…

I honestly never thought it would happen… and then it did. 

My little sister called me… and told me she had two positive pregnancy tests. 

So many thoughts are racing through my mind at this moment. I never thought my younger sister would call me and say those words… At first, I screamed. I asked her what the hell she was thinking. I begged for answers. I wanted to know who did it. I wanted her to use her brain. 

Another part of me remembered when I was her age, and I sat my mother in the bathroom, crying because I thought I was pregnant. I didn’t have the positive pregnancy tests though. Fear was in my mind. It was the most horrifying experience of my life.

My sister burst into tears, telling me she was so scared. She told me my mom has gotten out of control. I know I’ll never meet my niece or nephew, but part of me is ok with this. I remember my mom telling me I couldn’t take care of myself, let alone another life. People already say horrible things about my sister, and none some of them are true, but no one will ever know the real story. I fear so much for her, that anger can’t be in the front of my mind. 

I know now how much my sister and I really do get along. As angry as I was, she called me first and told me, aside from the boy who had gotten her pregnant. I wondered if we were even close enough to be acquaintances, let alone sisters. I’m still terrified, but I know how much more I want to be there for her. I want her to learn from my mistakes. I don’t want her to suffer like I did. It also makes me rethink how I’ll be as a parent. 

I missed venting like this. Maybe I’m crazy for sharing these experiences, but of all the things I’ve felt and seen, I’m thankful I have these posts to reflect on. I just hope to God that my kids will not go through what I did… I hope I can save them from this pain. I’m just praying… 

— 3 months ago
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